How to set AWS Configure (macOS)

Daniel Cooper
2 min readJan 4, 2021

Today’s blog will go over how you can install and configure your AWS CLI. Once this is done you’ll be able to have proper access to your AWS cloud services. Example of cloud services EC2, mongodb.


For this guide, we’ll be installing the AWS CLI version 2.

Step 1 — Follow this linkto download macOS package.

Step 2 — Open the file and follow the instructions give to you.

Step 3 — Next we will install it on the computer using the following commands.

sudo ln -s /folder/installed/aws-cli/aws /usr/local/bin/awssudo ln -s /folder/installed/aws-cli/aws_completer /usr/local/bin/aws_completer

Step 4 — let’s make sure it’s installed run the following code.

which aws //Should return /usr/local/bin/awsaws --version //Should return aws-cli/2.1.1 Python/3.7.4 Darwin/18.7.0 botocore/2.0.0

If you followed all the steps you should now have AWS installed on your computer.

AWS Configuring

Before doing the following steps you should make sure you know your:

  • AWS Access Key ID
  • AWS Secret Access Key
  • Default region-name
  • Default output

If you do not have an AWS access key or an AWS Secret Key I would recommend following this guide to create them.

Just like that, you’re now have accesse to you AWS cloud services. Sorry for the short blog. As always I will be links the websites I found usefull while making this blog. This was something I just recently learned how to do So I wanted to get it out there. I hope this blo helped you in any way.